Metroblits got you covered


Metroblits is a Digital Solutions platform powered by MetroBlue Tech Systems Ltd. The solution is put together to provide an easier means of carrying out varous bill payment services as well as the purchase of airtime and data all at wholesale prices.

The platform (Metroblits) provides an opportunity for Agents/Resellers to earn real income by selling products and rendering services available on the platform. Also, end users can use the platform for their day to day subscriptions and purchases.

Some of the products and services on metroblits include:

  • Data purchase for all networks
  • Big Data purchase for MTN (Cheaper data bundles)
  • Airtime purchase for all networks
  • Cable TV subscription (DStv, GOtv,...)
  • Electricity bills payment for all DISCOs e.g IKEJA Electric, EEDC,... (coming soon)

Benefits of becoming a Metroblits Agent

There are numerious benefits of becoming a Metroblits Agent, however, some of the benefits are listed below:

  • You can make as much as 50k-150k monthly or even more, using our platform
  • Requires little startup capital. With as little as between 10k-50k, you can start up your business on Metroblits and start earning real income.
  • After signing up on Metroblits, you will be given a custom advert flyer (with your business name on it) for FREE upon request. You will also be entitled to FREE advert flyers monthly for the next three months.
  • The business has little or no risk. Since you are not dealing with physical but digital products, there is no possibility of products getting damaged or expired. Also, there is no possibility of theft provided you keep your login details safe.
  • The business does not require a physical office, it can be done from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet. Also, your clients are boundless, products can be sent to anyone in any part of the country.
  • The platform is fully automated. No need to call anyone to complete any transaction.
  • Products prices are at wholesale prices. This enables Agents maximize profit.
  • The platform is fast and easy to use. There is also a FREE user guide for all users.
  • Periodic business information and training are given to Agents in order to help them boost their sales.
  • Metroblits support team are always available and ready to attend to Agents.
  • Suitable for students, workers, or business people as it is not demanding. The business can be done alongside study, work or other business activities.
The list is endless. What are you waiting for, click the button below to signup now!